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Just got our car the other day and we are thrilled about the whole experience with Johnny.  From the first time I sat down with him to the day he handed us the keys, Johnny has gone above and beyond to make sure we are comfortable with the process and satisfied.  He has done everything he said he was going to do, and more!  He got us a great deal with our supplier discount and other awesome incentives. Even made arrangements for financing and a private test drive!  I have already told multiple people about his services and will continue to because what he does is invaluable. Give Johnny a call if you're in the market for a new vehicle and want the best price w/o the hassle or headaches.

Kristina L.
Majeed with Truck.jpg

Thank you Johnny for all you have done. When we first spoke, you advised me to be patient, don't shop around, and to trust you. I'm extremely appreciative and enchanted I listened. This was the best car shopping experience I've encountered. It's hard to show gratitude through words at times but hopefully you can understand how much I value your effort and dedication. 


                                        Thanks again, Jibrail M.

Jibrail M.
Dawn R.jpg
Dawn R.

Dawn R.: (Posted on Facebook):

I am a proud Jeep Girl!!!! Thank you so much Mike W. for the referral to Johnny Oler with Authorized Vehicles Auto Broker and finding my beautiful new JEEP!! 😍♥️. I also want to thank my good friend Christine Kavka for her friends/family discount!!


Mike W.: So excited you got what you want! And for anyone else tired of the same old car buying process...go with authoized vechiles car brokers...he sells many brands no more games at the dealer...real cars...real prices...real service... Right Johnny Oler !!!


Dawn R.: It was my far the best experience buying a car and anyone who knows me knows I have had my share of cars LOL!!!

Johnny Oler: Glad I could be of service to you. We weeded through a few vehicles, but we found the right one. Enjoy!

Dr. Navpreet S.
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