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What is an Auto Broker?

As a Michigan licensed auto broker (a class D automotive dealer,) Authorized Vehicles has access to all New (class A) and Used (class B) automobile dealer inventories and is required (by law) to work on your behalf, not the dealer’s. We can thus provide for your vehicle needs—regardless of make or model—at below market prices. In addition, paperwork and formalities are minimized—taking up far less of your valuable time than if you were to visit a dealer’s lot. Finally, the vehicle of your choice is delivered to your residence or place of business at your convenience.

Some of the benefits of using an Auto Broker vs a typical dealership include (further information is below or click on the benefit to expand):

For personal or business needs, contact us to find out how easy and enjoyable we can make your next vehicle purchase.​

Better pricing

The final price you pay will almost always be at or below the what you would pay at the dealership if you are a great negotiator. We are industry insiders and professional auto negotiators who understand dealer tactics and can counter them. We deal directly and so eliminate commissions, finance upcharges and other costs of the deal.

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No pressure to make hasty buying decisions

95% of folks that leave a dealer’s lot to “think about it,” never come back. The dealers know this and so do everything they can to keep you there until the deal is done. They have a long history of learning how to control their customers and their time. Time on a dealer lot to buy a car can range from 4 to 8 hours or more.  There is nothing more aggravating than hearing, “this deal is only good for today.” Or, “We have someone else interested in this vehicle, you should make a decision quickly.”
Buying a car is a big decision. It must be done with care and insight. Take the time to evaluate the many options that are available. Buy a car when you are ready—not when the dealer is. Using a broker allows you to be in control of the deal.

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Protection from dealer slight-of-hand tactics to improve their profits at your expense

During the deal process, what was $399 a month can gently move to $428 which can slip gingerly to $451 per month. The finance manager is hired for their ingenuity in making these increases seem normal. There is a myriad of schemes that a sales manager or finance manager can implement to make the deal more profitable. The often overlooked but major profit center for most auto deals is tacked-on finance charges, boldly priced warranties and other expensive add-ons. A dealer can net $5000 or more with these items. We protect our clients from these ploys, keeping your payments where they should be.

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Deal oversight ensuring our clients get the rebates or proper discounts for employees or friends and family

We audit the numbers to keep the dealer honest. Employee discounts are set by the manufacturers. We make sure the dealer uses the correct pricing.

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More options for financing, warranties and add-ons than a dealer can provide

Often, the majority of a dealer’s profit is derived from financing, warranties and other add-ons to the deal. We protect our clients from these payment increasers.  If needed, we can provide financing without markups and we can offer the same warranty products at greatly reduced pricing.

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Expert help (if desired) in determining the best vehicle for your business or family needs

We are constantly researching vehicles, taking test drives and getting feedback from owners. If we don’t already know something about a car, we know how to find out. We can provide information that may not be common knowledge or simply help you compare 2 or more vehicles. The more information you have, the better your decision making can be.

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Multiple make and model price/payment shopping comparisons

Since we represent almost all brands, we are able to provide pricing and information on multiple brands to help you make a wise buying decision. If desired, we can help guide you to the correct vehicle to meet your family’s exact needs.

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Extensive commercial fleet experience

We can help you with your business’s vehicle needs whether it is a fleet of Focuses or a dump truck.

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Honest trade-in valuations

We shop multiple options to get the most profitable return for you trade-in.

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No wasting of your valuable time

Some car shoppers seem resigned that it is necessary to spend 6 or 8 hours at a dealer lot only to drive off with a vehicle that may not be their exact choice. We value your time. Most of the transaction is handled by email and phone. We search to find the exact match to the vehicle you want, and have it delivered to you at your convenience.

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