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Covid Quarantine FAQs


If you have other questions, please contact us at

Are car dealers selling cars?

Car dealerships in Michigan have been closed since March 24th due to the Governor’s executive “stay at home” order. (Although service departments remain open.) The order is set to expire on April 15th but will most likely will be extended. The Michigan legislature will vote on the extension soon. It may be that car dealers will be allowed to conduct some sales remotely during the extension. We will have to wait and see what finally comes out of Lansing.


What if my lease is due to end soon?

There are a several options available if your lease is coming to an end and you were planning on swapping it for another vehicle. The options are dependent are your individual circumstances. Give us a call and we will help walk you through the available options.

What if I need a new car soon?

If the need is dire, we can possibly get a vehicle from a state that has not closed their dealerships. We can have the vehicle transported to you or we can arrange for you to travel and pick it up there. Contact me if you have an urgent need for a vehicle. Authorized Vehicles has relationships with dealers in states that are still selling vehicles.

If you can wait a few weeks until the “order” expires, there will be some exceptional deals to be had at that time.


Will there be good deals when the “stay at home” order ends?

The short answer is yes. Car companies are anxious to get sales moving again and incentives should be pretty remarkable as the pandemic slows down. Stay tuned to Authorized Vehicles to get the latest info.

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