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What if I can’t afford to make my car payment right now?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Many of us do not know when we will be able to get back to work. So, deferring a car payment or two may be helpful. My friends at LaFontaine Auto Group helped put the following information together. Contact your bank of lease-holder and see if they can work with you. Many are making accommodations. Be patient on the phone, though as they are getting a lot of calls.

Below is some information on some of the things that our automaker and lender partners are doing in terms of offers and assistance to customers during this time. We will continue to update this blog post as additional information becomes available. There is a full list of lenders below.


  • Ally wants to assist customers to make the lease-end transition as stress free as possible. Therefore, we are allowing all lease customers with scheduled maturity dates from March 1, 2020 through April 30, 2020 to drive their vehicle for an additional 30 days from the original maturity date, on us.

Important Details:

  • Ally has notified eligible lease customers directly via email or text

  • The additional month is being provided at no cost to the customer (no monthly lease payment, charges or fees will be assessed)

  • SmartLease customers will receive additional monthly miles based on the mileage structure in the original lease agreement.

    • Example: Existing SmartLease term is 24 months 30,000 miles (15k per year or 1,250 per month). The extension increases total allowable miles to 31,250. Any excess mileage charges at termination will be assessed beginning at 31,251 miles.

    • Customers who purchased extra mileage upfront may receive a rebate of unused mileage based on total miles at termination as provided in the original lease agreement.

  • Customers may return their vehicle prior to the new scheduled end date without penalty.

    • Customers who wish to return their vehicle before the extension expires should contact Ally at 1-888-925-2559.

  • Contact Details:

    • Ally Customer Service: 1 (877) 247-2559

    • Ally Customer Service: Website


  • Contact Details:

    • Chase Customer Service:

      • Retail Loans: 1 (800) 336-6675

      • Leases: 1 (800) 227-5151

      • Website

  • Chase is offering a 90-day payment extension period for loans and leases no matter the stage of delinquency and waving existing late and non-sufficient funds fees.


  • If you need help or have questions regarding your Chrysler Capital account resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak, you can reach us by phone at 855-563-5635. We have programs in place to help customers experiencing difficulty due to the impact of the virus. Chrysler Capital’s customer service team is standing by to review accounts of customers who need assistance and to explore potential options to help during this time. However, we also ask for your patience as higher than normal call volumes may result in longer wait times. We will get to your call as quickly as possible.For current Fiat-Chrysler owners and lessees: flexible payment arrangements, payment extensions on a case-by-case basis

  • For prospective Fiat-Chrysler buyers:

    • 0% APR for 84 Months on select models

    • No Payment for 90 Days – Ally Financial

  • Contact Details:

    • FCA Customer Service: 1 (800) 334-9200

    • FCA Customer Service: Website

    • Chrysler Customer Service: 1 (800) 247-9753

    • Dodge Customer Service: 1 (800) 423-6343

    • Jeep Customer Service: 1 (877) 426-5337

    • Ram Customer Service: 1 (866) 726-4636

  • Chrysler Capital:

    • Customer Service: 1 (855) 569-9023

    • Website

Ford Motor Company

  • For current Ford owners and lessees: flexible payment arrangements, payment extensions on a case-by-case basis

  • For prospective Ford buyers: delay of first payment for 90 days

  • Ford Coronavirus Payment Plans

    • In its just-announced program, Ford Credit advises its customers to contact the company if they are concerned about their ability to make their monthly payments in light of the current situation. These customers may be able to change a payment due date or delay a payment. The offer applies to those who have purchased or leased a vehicle through Ford Credit. To get information on the Ford coronavirus payment relief programs, Ford Credit customers should access their Account Manager profile either online at or through the FordPass app. Alternatively, they can call a special hotline – 1-800-723-4016 – to discuss their individual options.

  • Contact Details:

    • Ford Motor Company Customer Service: 1 (800) 392-3673

    • Ford Motor Company Customer Service: Website

    • Ford Credit Customer Service: 1 (800) 727-7000

    • Ford Credit Customer Service: Website

General Motors

  • For current GM owners and lessees: flexible payment arrangements, payment extensions on a case-by-case basis

  • For prospective GM brand buyers: interest-free financing for 84 months with deferred payments for up to 120 days

  • Cadillac: 0%APR for 60 months plus $2,000 cash allowance on select models. See LaFontaine Cadillac for details.

  • Contact Details:

    • General Motors Customer Service: 1 (866) 522-9559

    • General Motors Customer Service: Website

    • GM Financial Customer Service: 1 (800) 284-2271

    • GM Financial Customer Service: Website


  • For current Genesis owners and lessees: up to six months of payments for new owners who lose their jobs and have purchased or leased their vehicle between March 14 to April 30, 2020, through Genesis Finance

  • For prospective Genesis buyers: deferred payments up to 90 days on 2019 G70 models

  • **See “Hyundai Coronavirus Payment Plans” below for additional information**

  • Contact Details:

    • Genesis Customer Service: 1 (844) 340-9741

    • Genesis Customer Service: Website


  • For current Honda owners and lessees:

  • 90 Day Deferred Payment on all new vehicle sales for customers Tiers Retail Only We are offering payment extensions and deferrals as well as late fee waivers to customers impacted by COVID-19.

  • For prospective Honda buyers: No Payment for 90 Days – Ally Financial

  • Honda Parts – 10% off Parts for Law Enforcement / First Responders / Medical Professionals

  • Contact Details:

    • Honda Customer Service: 1 (800) 999-1009

    • Honda Customer Service: Website


  • For current Hyundai owners and lessees: up to six months of payments for new owners who lose their jobs and have purchased or leased their vehicle between March 14 to April 30, 2020, through Hyundai Capital

  • For prospective Hyundai buyers: deferred payments up to 90 days on selected vehicles

  • Hyundai Coronavirus Payment Plans

    • Hyundai Motor America has revived its Assurance Job Loss Protection program, first introduced during the Great Recession. It’s luxury division, Genesis, is offering Genesis Cares. These programs can support customers who might otherwise find it impossible to keep up their car payments due to the coronavirus pandemic and its economic consequences. In addition, they are designed to provide financial reassurance to those who are currently in the market for a vehicle. According to the terms of the program, Hyundai and Genesis will make up to six months of payments for new vehicle owners who lose their jobs between now and December 31, 2020. Eligible customers must have purchased or leased their vehicles between March 14 to April 30, 2020, through Hyundai Capital or Genesis Finance. The payment relief is available for all customers, regardless of employment history, who purchased or leased their new vehicle from a Hyundai or Genesis dealer and financed it through the brand’s captive finance company. It covers all of the company’s models.

  • Contact Details:

    • Hyundai Customer Service: 1 (800) 633-5151

    • Hyundai Customer Service: Website


  • For prospective Subaru brand owners and lessees:

  • No Payment for 90 Days – Ally Financial

  • 0% / 63 months & .9% / 72 months on ’19MY and ’20MY Legacy, Outback, Impreza, Forester and Asscent

  • .9% / 48 months & 1.9% / 72 months on ’19MY and ’20MY Crosstrek, WRX and BRZ

  • $1,000 ‘A’ retailer cash – ’20MY Outback, $1,500 ‘A’ retailer cash – ’20MY Ascent

  • CPO rate decrease on 100 basis points – all terms, all models (with exception of ’19MY Outback – already at 1.99% / 72 months). All eligible model years and carlines now offers .99% / 36 months

  • Contact Details:

    • Subaru Customer Service: 1 (800) 782-2783

    • Subaru Customer Service: Website


  • For current Toyota owners: flexible payment arrangements, payment extensions on a case-by-case basis

  • For prospective Toyota brand owners and lessees: No Payment for 90 Days – Ally Financial

  • Contact Details:

    • Toyota Customer Service: 1 (800) 331-4331

    • Toyota Customer Service: Website

    • Toyota Financial Customer Service: 1 (800) 874-8822

    • Toyota Financial Customer Service: Website


  • For prospective VW brand owners and lessees: No Payment for 90 Days – Ally Financial

  • Deferred 1st Payment for 180 Days: Tier 1 and 2 customers who purchase a new vehicle will have the option to defer payments for up to 180 days

  • Retail Incentive Enhancement: 0% APR Tier 1 and 2 up to 72 Months

  • Contact Details:

    • VW Customer Service: 1 (800) 822-8987

    • VW Customer Service: Website

    • VW Credit Customer Service: 1 (800) 428-4034

    • VW Credit Customer Service: Website


  • For prospective Volvo brand owners and lessees: No Payment for 90 Days – Ally Financial

  • Contact Details:

    • Volvo Customer Service: 1 (800) 550-5658

    • Volvo Customer Service: Website

    • Volvo Finance Customer Service: 1 (866) 499-6793

    • Volvo Finance Customer Service: Website

Full List of Lenders:


888-925-2559 or Website

American Credit Acceptance (ACA)

866-544-3430 or Website


800-284-2271 or TEXT “INFO” to 53721 or Website

Auto Trakk

888-689-7117 or Website

Avid Acceptance

888-7779190 or Website

Bank of America

800-215-6195 or Website

Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union

248-647-5958 or Website

Capital One

800-946-0332 or Website

Carvant Financial

516-750-4490 or Website

Case Credit Union

517-393-7710 or Website


800-336-6675 or Website

Chemical Bank / TCF

866-731-6414 or Website

Chief Financial Credit Union

248-253-7900 or Website

Chrysler Capital CCAP

855-563-5635 or Website

Citizen One

877-265-3278 or Website

Coastal Credit

844-8714475 or Website

Community Choice Credit Union

877-243-2528 or Website

Community Financial Credit Union

734-453-1200 or Website

Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS)

888-469-4520 or Website

Consumers Credit Union

800-991-2221 or Website

COPOCO Community Credit Union

989-684-1873 or Website

CP Federal Credit Union

517-784-7101 or Website

Credit Acceptance Corp. (CAC)

800-634-1506 or Website

Credit Union One

248-752-9868 or Website

Credito Real USA Finance

877-576-2265 or Website

Crescent Bank and Trust

866-208-8288 or Website

DFCU Financial

888-336-2700 or Website

Dort Financial Credit Union

810-600-4093 or Website

Dow Chemicals Employees CU

989-835-7794 or Website

Downriver Community Federal Credit Union

313-386-2200 or Website

ELGA Credit Union

810-715-3542 or Website


800-321-9637 or Website

Fifth Third Bank

866-601-6391 or Website

Financial Plus Credit Union

(810) 244-2102 or Website

First Help Financial

866-343-4345 or Website

First Investors Financial Services

800-249-6305 or Website

First National Bank of Howell

517-546-3150 or Website

Flagship Credit Acceptance

800-900-5150 or Website

Ford Motor Credit

800-727-7000 or 866-468-0304 or Website

Frankenmuth Credit Union

989-497-1600 or Website

Friendly Financial

800-872-2877 or Website

Gateway Financial Services

989-791-5030 ext 1 or Website

Genisys Credit Union

800-521-8440 ext 1285 or Website

Global Lending Services

800-426-5117 or 877-298-1345 or Website

GM Financial

1-800-284-2271 or Website

Gratiot Community Credit Union

989-463-8321 or Website

Honda Motor Finance

800-542-6632 or Website

Honor Credit Union

800-442-2800 or Website


866-480-2234 or Website

Hyundai Motor Finance

800-523-4030 or Website

Key Bank

800-539-2968 or Website

Kia Motor Finance

866-331-5632 or Website


517-622-6600 or Website

Lake Michigan Credit Union

800-242-9790 or Website

Lake Trust Credit Union

888-267-7200 or Website

Michigan Educational Credit Union

734-455-9200 or Website

Michigan First Credit Union

800-664-3828 or Website

Michigan Schools and Government CU

586-263-8800 or Website

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

517-333-2424 then 0 or Website

Nicholas Financial

919-790-5771 or Website

Our Credit Union

248-549-3838 or Website


517-647-7571 or Website

PNC Bank

888-762-2265 or Website

Prestige Financial Services

888-376-7697 or Website

Public Services Credit Union

734-641-8400 or Website

Regional Acceptance

866-380-9730 or Website


800-222-4227 or Website

Security Credit Union

810-235-2322 or Website


877-505-6778 or Website

Sovita Credit Union (Was Flint Area School Employees Credit Union)

800-369-2789 or Website

Subaru / Chase (Lease)


TD Auto

800-556-8172 or Website


757-961-5510 or Website

Toyota Financial Services

800-286-0652 or Website

University of Michigan Credit Union

734-662-8200 or Website

US Bank

866-250-3147 or 800-872-2625 or Website

Vibe Credit Union

248-735-9500 or Website

Volvo Financial

866-499-6793 or Website

VW Credit

800-428-4034 or Website

Wanigas Credit Union

989 759-5780 or Website

Washtenaw Federal Credit Union

734-484-5100 or Website

Wells Fargo

800-289-8004 or Website

Zeal Credit Union

800-321-8570 ext 7160 or Website

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